Sunday, November 14, 2010

A Date Worth Saving

    A growing trend for brides today, is the use of save-the-dates. Some of you may be asking, what these are and why they are necessary if you plan on using invitations. So here's the low-down: save-the-dates are announcements that tell your guests when your wedding is, so they can keep your special day free. If you decide to send them out, here are a few tips:
  1. Send your save-the-dates out 4-6 months before your wedding. This will give your traveling guests enough time to book flights, and make other preparations so they can be there on your big day. 
  2.  Be as creative as you want with your save-the-dates, they are typically informal so include the facts and make the rest your own!
  3. If you have limited seating, make your guest list before sending out your save-the-dates or you are sure to have unexpected visitors on the day of.
   Many common save-the-date ideas include post cards, photo strips, and magnets, for more information visit and keep following my Do's and Don'ts!

Friday, November 12, 2010

The Melodic Dilemma

 One big decision that every bride has to make in the beginning is what type of wedding she wants to have. Often times the decision is “Modern vs. Traditional”.  Once the appropriate category is selected, the bride can begin to plan her day around this ultimate theme.

One of the larger elements of a wedding that reflect this theme is the music selection.  For those of you still deciding what type of music you want your wedding to feature, here are some examples of the different types of music that you can use.

The Bride’s Entrance
o   “The Bridal March”- Traditional
o   “Isn’t She Lovely”- Oldies
o   “ Out of My League”- Modern

                        Father Daughter Dance
o   “Butterfly Kisses”- Traditional
o   “My Girl”- Oldies
o   “Cinderella”-Modern

      Bride and Groom’s First Dance
o   “ The Bridal Waltz”-Traditional
o   “At Last”- Oldies
o   “Grow Old with You”- Modern

                  No matter what theme you decide your wedding should portray, remember to make it your own. If you want to go with more modern music, but you’re a country girl, sappy country music is anything but in short. Choose the songs that mean the most- handpicked by the happy couple.

                  My wedding will feature a modern tune for my entrance, a country first dance, and an oldies favorite for the father-daughter. Tell me about your song selections, and keep following my Do’s and Don’ts!
                                               Here are some of my top wedding tunes!
                                                 Out of My League- Stephen Speaks
                                                 You've Got What it Takes- Michael Buble
                                                Wonderful World- Sam Cooke
                                                All I Want is You- Barry Louis Polisar

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Make it Register

      As you and your future spouse prepare to build a home together, there is one absolute wedding “Do” that you must remain aware of: Register for your Wedding. Many couples believe wedding registries to be a thing of the past, but this is not the case. In fact, $19 billion is spent buying presents at wedding gift registries per year. For those of you brides saying that registries just aren’t used as much today, I’ve got a statistic for you. 91% of all engaged couples register for gifts- and of these polled couples, all 91% received gifts from an average of 200 guests.

            So if you are wondering what the chances are of you even actually getting what you asked for, the answer is: pretty good. So here are a few tips to help you design your bridal registry.

1.      Be Practical: You don’t need a 42” Plasma screen TV to live, however you do need dishes to eat off of, so register for the must-haves first. Weigh the pros and cons of each item- he may want that DVD/Blu Ray player but he uses the towels too. Necessity: First.

2.      Quality over Quantity: This is the one time in your married life where you get to own brand new nice household items; don’t register for poor quality items so your guests can afford to get you multiple things off your list. Good pots and pans will last you the rest of your married lives- you may not get as many gifts, but I guarantee you, you’ll get a lot of use out of the ones you receive.

3.      Location is Key: Be conscious of the locations your guests are coming from. If you are registering at a store that isn’t within 50 miles of your guests, the chances are high that you will not receive what you asked for. Register at multiple stores to give your guests choices, and always register where they can do online shopping as well. 

Remember not to make gift-giving a challenge. More often than not, your guests won’t take it. The easier the registry, and the more practical the items on it, the more likely your guests are to want to bless you.  Over-register, anything you don’t get off of your registry, may be discounted for you later.

           Don't know where to register? Check out  Registry Guide  for some great ideas, and keep following my Do's and Don'ts!
                                               And here are a few of my favorite brands below:

Monday, November 8, 2010

A Viral Invite

Many today are hailing the benefits of the online world. In relation to weddings, the internet has supposedly opened up the possibility of eliminating shopping and planning related stress. Although I agree that the internet can eliminate unnecessary headaches, here are 3 reasons why online invites are the greatest headache of all.
  1.         First of all, online invites are impersonal. Although it may save money to send them electronically, it takes away from the personality of the bride and groom. Guests are also much more likely to forget about your big day if they don't have that physical reminder hanging on the fridge.
  2.        The second reason not to send electronic invites is because of the hassle to RSVP. Many wedding guests will be elderly and not particularly savvy when it comes to electronic mediums. You will end up having twice as many guests as you anticipated because no guest over the age of 50 will have known how to open the invitation.
  3. Finally, my last reason has to do with the occasional but highly impactful glitches that come with using technology. Due to no fault of your own, you entire "friends list" on Facebook could receive an invite to your big day, while many of your relatives never received word of the blessed event. Miscalculations and mass invites are the most common glitches in this type of invitation. But think of it this way, if your parents don't show up you could always have your dentist give you away.
The bottom line is, if you want the closest people to you to be invited, and to know for a fact that they are coming, traditional invitations are foolproof. However, if saving money is your "it-factor", e-vites are probably the choice for you.

My best advice: Do your research. A little knowledge goes a long way. For more information on electronic invitations look into and keep following my Do's and Don'ts!

Monday, November 1, 2010

A Fairy Tale Wedding Nightmare

                Statistics show that among all the wedding trends out there, the newest and fastest growing is to have a themed wedding.
                What is a themed wedding, you may be asking? Well, a themed wedding is a wedding where a particular idea or subject determines the way the bridal party is dressed, what food is served, what decorations are used, and what the overall feel of the wedding is.
                Currently, the most popular wedding themes are “beach”, “garden”, “winter wonderland”, “vintage”, “woodland”, and “sparkling diamond”.  Although these themes do not seem to be overly unusual, themes range anywhere from superheroes, where the bride and groom are actually favorite returning comic book characters, to fairy tales, where the entire wedding appears to be a page ripped out of Beauty and the Beast.
                For the bride considering a themed wedding here are a few quick facts you may want to consider before diving into that “Wonderland Wedding”.
1.       Because each part of your wedding is specifically tailored to support the theme, the average themed wedding ends up being more expensive than a traditional wedding. Although seemingly inexpensive, 150 grass skirts for your guests to attend your bridal luau will add up to a whole lot of green.
2.       9 out of 10 guests are likely to check yes on your invite if all they have to do is show up after a quick visit to your registry. However, change that invitation to “This out of this world wedding needs you to bring yourselves as a Martian, astronaut, or planet, check yes or no.” That 9 out of 10 quickly drops to 4 out of 10.
3.       Just because daddy has always called his little princess, does not mean as a 23-30 year bride you should be Cinderella for your wedding. Remember, this is your wedding, not Halloween. In 30 years those pictures are going to look like a Disneyland vacation, rather than the most special day of your life.
Here’s my advice, a wedding is a big enough event on its own without turning it into a circus. So buy the dress, invite the guests, and save the costumes for October.

Come across any crazy wedding themes? I want to hear about them! Or follow my blog to hear more of my wedding do's and don'ts.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

A Splash of Color

            When you think bridal, what is the first color you think of? If it isn’t white, you haven’t been to enough weddings.

            A common wedding stipulation that has been the trend for years is that brides must wear white. In regards to achieving bridal elegance, I would agree that white is the best color choice, but as any girl could tell you, no two brides are the same.

            Personalities, like anything, will never be one size fits all. Most brides want a wedding that reflects their personality, and for some brides white just doesn’t cover it. I understand completely, because I am one of those brides.

            If you’re anything like me, you’re into all things color. But how do you mix personality into your wedding without making it look less like a wedding and more like a Luau? Here are some areas where a little color will make a big impact:

1.      Say Yes To The Dress:
I’ve never been a believer in colored dresses. You want your wedding to say “Here Comes the Bride” not “Lady in Red”.  However, by adding one element of color, such as a sash, necklace, shoes, or a hair flower would add just the right playful touch. Remember, all things in moderation: against all that white, a little will go a long way.

2.      Strength in Numbers
Rather than having one big sea of color, you’ll pull off a softer effect with small splashes of color in multiple areas: colored napkins, and flowers add more flavor than entirely colored place settings. To add bolder color, give your bridesmaids patterned dresses instead of solid, or make your cake yellow with white flowers instead of white with yellow flowers.

            Weddings should be unique to the bride, so never be afraid to do something different. What's my point?  Don’t just live in color, get married in it too!

Monday, October 25, 2010

The Money Factor

Let's be honest, every couple would love to win that fantasy wedding on a beach in Barbados- the flights, the hotel, all wedding related costs- all expenses paid. For most of us, however, this is not reality. In fact, most couple's do their best to cut costs wherever they can afford to do so. After all, there is life after marriage.
According to recent studies, the average amount spent on a traditional American wedding is$22,000. Seem like a lot? Just wait. A total of $72 billion dollars is spent on weddings annually in the U.S. and $8 billion on honeymoons.
Here are some sure-fire ways to help you save a couple bucks on your wedding.

1. Utilize Your Friends Zone
  • Only 19% of brides hire a wedding coordinator. Why? Because you are completely capable of doing it on your own. Or, that Type-A friend from school that you couldn't fit in the wedding party- just the spot for her.
  • The average bride and groom spend close to $1,000 on a DJ who will probably mispronounce their names at some point during the evening. Everyone has a friend who is capable of following a play list and occasionally making a sappy speech. Renting the equipment for a close family friend will cut 3/4th's of the cost.
2. Just DON'T Do It
  • Most weddings also include over $400 on wedding favors. Unless your favor is something near and dear to your heart-cut it. No one uses the tacky personalized koozies or key chains- In fact, you won't just be saving yourselves money, but you'll be saving your guests from another useless wedding knick-knack to go in there junk drawer.
  • The average reception includes a $2,286 beverage bill. We all know soda and iced tea don't add up to that. Dry weddings are becoming more and more popular. Whether you cut the open bar for religious purposes or just simply to cut costs, one thing is certain- No unruly guests will be hitting on the mother of the bride and the dance floor will remain child friendly.
Budgeting your big day in advance is the best way to keep it from going overboard. Know your limits, and you will be much less likely to splurge on those crystal tiaras for the flower girls. Not having to finance a wedding that would cover the National Debt is a good start for newlyweds. You're getting a marriage, not just a wedding.

Wedding Stats

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